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Project Development
Project Development

Our Company adhere to technological innovation, quality as the core power of development, focusing on talents’ introduction and training, and has the system engineers and structural engineers, who have the international cutting-edge design concepts, and senior project development, and has professional and experienced personnel for the projects’ development and management , combined with domestic and foreign advanced design idea and project management experience, to provide the optimal solution for your solar system.

Eifesun New Energy has a large advantage in the field of solar energy utilization, such as has great resources reserves, investment experience, strong cost control ability, complete industrial chain, the best brand effect, and the best overall benefit. Our company is always adhering to innovation energy, contributing to society development as mission, focus ing on comprehensive development and utilization of solar energy, closely combined with agricultural modernization development, such as the overall construction, agriculture, forestry, fish ponds, beaches and so on, insisting on application and manufacturing at same time, useing the system project as  the progress support, vigorously expand domestic and foreign markets, to implement integration of China's largest solar power plant operator, keep up with the trend of the development of new energy industry, fully exploit pv system integration business, continuous innovation, actively involved in the internationalization competition, improve customer satisfaction and strive to establish company integrated product, investment, construction, operation and maintenance, and science and technology as one of the excellent integrated solar supplier.

Our company has several large-scale photovoltaic power station project construction at home and abroad, accumulated the rich experience of photovoltaic system design, construction installation, operation and maintenance, providing large and medium-sized grid photovoltaic power station and small distributed grid/off-grid photovoltaic power generation systems for domestic and overseas, and offer photovoltaic building integrated project consulting, design, system integration and engineering general contracting services.

1. Project planning and design

Pre-trial project land use, project geological investigation, the foundation of the project application, project grid application condition, project assessment of energy efficiency, and resolution of project funding channels, project preliminary system design

2. Procurement logistics resources

Equipment procurement guidelines, transportation management, integrated purchasing management

3. Projects’ construction

System equipment installation, product testing, commissioning, system interconnection project acceptance, system monitoring installation